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Film Making & Line Production Company

MTF PRODUCTION is a Siliguri-based line production company with global ambitions. MTF Production excels in line production. To national producers, we deliver a high-level production value and accessible services for blockbuster movies, TV commercials, print, music videos, and events. We also generate TV commercials, prints, multimedia presentations, and short films in-house.

Line Production Services In north India


We Provide Complete Production Back-Up With Facilities Including Top Of The Line Equipment.


We Provide Assistance In Acquiring All The Permissions Required For Filming In India

Crew & Technicians

We Are A One-Stop Shop For Providing Crew & Technicians For Shooting Pan India.

Filming in North-India
Responsive. Resourceful. Reliable.

We provide fixing and line production services for documentaries, feature films, branded content, corporate films, commercials and photo shoots. Our professional line production services in India. To help facilitate your production queries from End to End execution jobs, send us script/treatment notes/mood boards, etc. and we provide you the best way out.

Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.

Our work ethic and service have earned the trust of filmmakers and production companies since our founding by veteran line producer Samir Chandra in 2015. Siliguri is the home of our team. This allows us to better understand your project requirements and provide the finest geographic and budgetary answers for your North-India production.

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

We are aware of the difficulties and risks associated with shooting, as well as the added complexity and diversity of shooting in India. We have years of study and are here to help, share, and assist you at every step of the process. While there is no doubt that India provides filmmakers with a plethora of options, the challenges that projects encounter can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced producer. With honesty, integrity, and transparency, Line Productions India will assist reduce many of these difficulties.

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